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Tade Cash


Tade Cash is a Legendary Closer, Master Investor, Cash Flow Entrepreneurs, and Financial Freedom Coach. Tade Cash is a world class cash flow entrepreneur and the king of rental income properties and cash flow investor and educator. He is the co-founder of more than 5 cash rich businesses with tons of billions in annual turnover. He believes that asset should help us create predictable, consistent and perpetual income that funds our lifestyle. Tade shows individuals how to take charge of their own personal economy and create private economy that is flourishing no matter the state of the national economy. He shows Individuals, companies and nations how to unlock their hidden asset that would create perpetual, consistent and predictable prosperity for them. Tade Cash helps you to create an asset that produces perpetual income. He believes that no company or individual is sound financially if they don’t have predictable cash flow. He also believes that life is not just about money but money helps to fund our lives and our dreams of making a difference in the world. Life should be phenomenal and income should not restrain our expression. Through his programs and processes he had created, he helps you to create value and high income asset that can work for you for a lifetime while you live your life purpose on a grand scale. Top living life should be funded by perpetual income producing Asset. With his training, you will master how to take Charge of your personal economy and attain economy liberty in the shortest possible time. He is the creator of "Shut and Sell” program. He is the creator of the program "The Money Mastery program” and the books: ShutUp and Collect the Money, The Money Mastery Revolution, Build Asset Not just A Business, and The Wealth Genotype. Tade, through his coaching company is building network of coaches that can help you achieve financial freedom within 3 years. His seminar tour are carried out by real world entrepreneurs and investors. Prosperity is a system not a secret. Economic freedom is a necessity not a luxury. He also created a program that can Change the personal prosperity of anyone within 60days of practice ”MPH (mastering Prosperity Habit” prosperity is an habit not a luck. This habit is universal and it can be seen in prosperity of individuals or nations. He is the thought leader on matters that pertain to economic freedom of an individual. He appears on many platforms around the country and many TV and radio. Every encounter with him is a pleasant experience.

Champion Idogun


Champion Idogun is an Africa investment consultant, a master asset creator and a social media strategist. He help investors around the world to leverage on opportunities in Nigeria and across Africa. He is an idea factory and a business strategist. He helps people and organisations to create intellectual assets which take them to the top of their industries couples with his expertise as a social media strategist. He makes people rich for sure and he does that through assets creation. He shows you how to leverage on opportunities that will not just make you look rich but will make you rich for sure. His digital marketing company also helps businesses make mega profits through social media marketing, brands awareness. He helps businesses to generate massive and high paying customers, income and 10X influence. He works with both personalities and businesses.

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