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tade cash

Tade Cash

Tade Cash is a Legendary Closer, Master Investor, Cash Flow Entrepreneurs, and Financial Freedom Coach. Tade Cash is a world class cash flow entrepreneur and the king of rental income properties and cash flow investor and educator. He is the co-founder of more than 5 cash rich businesses with tons of billions in annual turnover. 

Champion Idogun

Champion Idogun

Champion Idogun is Nigerian foremost Real Estate Entrepreneur, a Keynote Speaker, and a Personal Economy Repositioning Expert. He helps individuals, families, and institutional investors to create safe and profitable cashflow assets through Real Estate investment.

He is passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom. 

He is a big player in the Nigerian real estate industry, an author and a thought leader. He speaks on wealth creation, personal development, brand positioning, market penetration strategies and sales.